The Rolland Collection joins Propeller

PRESS RELEASE: The Rolland Collection Brings Global Partnerships to the UK with Propeller Collab

Wines from France and Argentina are the first to find a home in the UK with Propeller

With the ‘passing of the torch’ through Laboratoire Rolland last year, The Rolland Collection is finally landing in the UK, initially with wines from France and Argentina, with the expectation of future expansion with more wines from their global partners.

The Rolland Collection sees several French and ‘New World’ partnerships added to the Rolland family heritage range.

The Rolland Collection has crafted a diverse portfolio of brands where the experts at Rolland oversee continuity of the work in the vineyards, production, maturation, and export of the wines.

This model allows the company to create a range of wines that complement their wine-making consulting arm of the business while using those same philosophies in the choice of distribution, communication with the support of the whole family, small business attitude on the sales side of things, and allows Propeller to be the last link in the chain here in the UK.

Everything is harmonized in the portfolio from vineyard to sales.

Head of Sales & Marketing, Philippe Solom explains,

“As a historic family firm the main goal for Rolland Collection is to make the best and right promotion of our wines. For this, we want the find the best partners able to understand, to learn, to appreciate, and to teach about our philosophy in winemaking. The best partners are those who will duplicate this philosophy with their connections, prospects, and clients. Our partner is not only the best showcase, he is our ambassador and responsible for the image of Michel Rolland and his wines.”

“In Europe, we have been dealing successfully with main on-trade actors in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Outside Europe, we took a new departure in the USA and came to an exciting agreement with our local distributor for Florida who has been promoted as our National Importer with wines now available in Florida, New York, Texas, and California.

In Canada, we have been listed at the LCBO ( State Monopoly of Ontario) with Chateau Fontenil and Mariflor Malbec.

In China, we are selling our wines with small but quality distributors in Beijing and Shanghai. Japan, Korea, and Vietnam are also some routes they want to explore in the future.

Our next success story will be in the UK with Propeller!”

Solom details some of the difficulties they have experienced previously with exporting to the UK market, and how Propeller’s business model allows for the ideal partnership:

“Our frustration was mainly because the only ways to be on the UK market was through a classic importer or an agent.

We never believed that such importers were able to speak correctly and take care of your wines. So, for many years we were thinking about finding something different but we didn’t find the appropriate partner to do so…. until you, guys!

At Rolland Collection we believe that Propeller is the smartest and clever alternative to these old schemes. Closer contact with the retailers and customers is the key to success.

We also want to work on a long partnership to build the brand and wines successfully.”

The Rolland Collection continuing Michel and Dany’s Winemaking Legacy

The Rolland Collection comes about after Bordeaux-based industry legend Michel Rolland, and his wife Dany, sold their shares to family members and then-employees last spring. Michel Rolland is considered one of the world’s top wine consultants and continues to be in high demand, consulting for high-end wineries in over 20 countries. The Rolland Collection allows the company to continue to be at the forefront of viticulture and winemaking innovation while bringing high-quality estates under the Rolland umbrella.

Michel, for decades, has been a vocal supporter of great wine beginning in the vineyard. Because of this, the family has been able to see out some of the best sites from all over the world to produce a wonderfully diverse range of wines from different countries.

About Propeller

Propeller was launched in 2020 as a way for boutique producers to access the UK and build a sustainable business here without the need for conventional agency representation. Propeller provides ‘Distribution as a Service’ enabling boutique producers to access the UK’s top independent retailers and regional wholesalers without the need for an agent. Propeller’s clients include Canopy, Attis, Abbotts & Delaunay, Fourth Wave Wines, Bowl Grabber, Rascallion Wines, Angel Champagne & Ostara Vermouth.

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